A Christmas Eve thought.

For nearly 2000 years we’ve celebrated the birth of a baby in an obscure village,

the child was born to Mary. 

This precious SON born in a stable in Bethlehem in poverty and simplicity,

forever changed our world.

HE worked as a carpenter until HE was thirty years old and then for three years 

HE was a traveling preacher.

Yet HE never wrote a best seller.

HE never ran for any elected office.

HE never purchased a home.

HE never married.

HE never went to college.

HE never set foot inside a big city.

HE actually never traveled farther than 200 miles from where 

HE was originally from.

HE never did any of the things that usually accompany greatness.

HE never had any credentials...

only those HE stood for.

While HE was still a young man, the public opinion turned against 

HIS teachings.

HIS few friends distanced themselves from him.

One of HIS followers turned him over to HIS enemies.

HE went through a mockery of a trial.

HE was sentenced and nailed to a cross; 

HIS cross set up between the crosses of two others – they were thieves.

And as HE was dying, his executioners gambled for the only piece of property 

HE owned on earth, and that was HIS ragged coat.

When HE was dead, 

HE was laid in a grave that a friend had lent.

Many years have come and gone since HIS celebrated birth,

one still shrouded in mystery and legend.

The day that an angel uttered, "PEACE on EARTH, GOODWILL to MEN!"

And throughout the more than nineteen centuries, this Christmas baby,

has been busy balancing heaven and earth.

Reconciling disputes and conflicts.

Bringing justice where ever injustice reigns, shedding light

in the darkness of lives, making dreams realities,

and building PEACE on EARTH.

And though PEACE lately seem distant with a world at war and many

innocents dying each day in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

With a world filled with grief and sadness, disease and death.

We must not forget that GOD is there as HE is right here,

in the midst of all these things occurring around us on earth.

Eternally hopeful that our FAITH will show us a glimpse of the heaven

that awaits us all.

Let this Bethlehem baby born so long ago be reborn in our own lives.

HE was made real a long time ago.

HE is made real today, in my life, in your life,

and in the lives of all who believe.

A baby sent to bridge our earthly journey,

and our future home in heaven. 

May we continue to BELIEVE, learn to follow HIS examples,

seek to live as HE lived, to LOVE as HE loved, and to SERVE as HE served.

For when we take HIM into our hearts, when HIS way becomes our way, 

when we allow HIS truth to touch us… then GOD is made real in us.

This CHRISTMAS bring your loved ones close, treasure your family,

reach out to your friends, your colleagues and neighbors,

and let's celebrate HIS birth! 

May CHRISTMAS always be a reflection of your values,

affections and traditions.

May we always be filled with GRATEFUL thoughts,


of all the GIFTS we have. 


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