Paying it forward with kindness?

ONE random act of KINDNESS can change a HEART.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big or elaborative.

In fact the ones I have given, have cost me literally nothing but their benefit huge. 

Begin in our own homes, your office or with your friends or neighbors...

Walk your friend’s dog, offer to do their lawn, give up your seat for someone,

not just an elderly person,

Leave a copy of an interesting book on a train / bus, or send someone a

hand written note of thanks, compliment one of your colleagues for a job well

done or when you're driving around getting your gifts purchased, give another

driver your parking spot at the Mall. 

These first act of kindness are easy, since there is already an emotional connection

to the people that will be receiving them.

I guarantee that your loved ones will feel special and you will come away

feeling pretty  “AMAZING.” 

Soon you will be ready to go and do one for a total stranger.

I think that there is geniunely more merit when you show an act of kindness

to someone you will never ever see again.

Maybe pay someone’s toll behind you in a toll way booth, let someone jump

the queue at the crowded line at your bank, pay for the drinks on the next

table at a café, pay for a Taco Bell meal for a high school kid at the counter,

put some coins in someone else’s parking meter, give a piece of fruit

or candy bar to your mailman or FedEx delivery person, or treat a friend

to the movies or even a dinner for no reason.  

Today let’s all try and be an example of KINDNESS to others;

some people won't care but the ones that do will think about doing it for others. 

That’s when a natural chain reaction of “Paying it forward” with kindness will unfold.   

Be “KIND” today - it will definitely make you feel “AMAZING!”

Make it a great dia!

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