Upcoming HOLIDAY tips.

I woke up excited about the upcoming HOLIDAY I so LOVE, can you imagine

it is just SIXTEEN DAYS away!

Then I thought about how these next few days can also be stressful for many of us.

Because even though CHRISTMAS may bring us JOY, it’s also a time that

is filled with obligations to fulfill and all of the crazy schedules we have to juggle.

So I began writing about what I plan to do; like practicing using PRUDENCE

in how I balance the important time I need to devote to my loved ones, 

and how I will also meet my responsibilities at work in this short period of time.

I don’t want to sound as if it’s ever easy to SIMPLIFY one's LIFE,

especially around the HOLIDAYS.

So I wrote a plan that has seven easy steps –

The first one is one that is meant to help me focus less on materialistic goals

that include the buying of gifts (many of them will be returned anyway),

and more on the ones I love. 

The second is to focus on the more intrinsic goals that involve

PERSONAL GROWTH, connecting at my core – at my SOUL level

with others and truly finding ways of contributing to my FAMILY,


The third has to do with setting just one new important and MEANINGFUL LIFE

goal this CHRISTMAS and taking the first step towards it.

My fourth is continuing to work on being more GRATEFUL and APPRECIATING

what I do have.

And the fifth is about catching myself when I start to worry and ruminate about

my problems or start comparing this CHRISTMAS to past year’s …

and saying STOP!

Yes STOPPING any negative thought in its track and reminding myself

about the TRUE MEANING behind my favorite HOLIDAY.

I sixth one and one of the most basic and important of the seven is; that I will take

time to reflect daily about FAMILY, about the things I TREASURE

the most and everything that makes me SMILE.

Finally I will begin each morning this CHRISTMAS SEASON looking for every

opportunity to cultivate the most out of LIFE in me and in others.

I would encourage you to try to do this too and remember, HAPPINESS takes work,

but can be achieved by a sustained personal effort.


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