The living need us...

One day a new Haiti will be born – one day Haiti will come back from

this heart wrenching disaster.    

One day Haiti will be a much stronger country. 

However; for now the people of Haiti are facing the deadiest crisis of their lives,

literally; with no water, no food and hundreds of thousands now homeless.

Tens of thousands are lying dead in the streets, and looming death for all those

still under the rubble.

They face an imminent health crisis and a guaranteed economic disaster…

they can’t do for themselves and need us to do something for them.

Right Now! 

Our Haitian sisters and brothers need our courage, our strength and our

extreme gift giving and charity in order to endure this devastating human crisis.

It is within the process of human endurance that STRENGTH and HOPE

will reveal themselves.

The living need our charity NOW...

You can text HAITI to 90999 and $10.00 will be charged to your phone bill

with your donation going to the American Red Cross.

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