Have you faced your TORO?

I learned in the military that fear has a purpose.

It helps to keep us safe but also allows us to take important risks.

For some of us however; fear keeps us from moving on or improving our lives.

During my training we were also taught that in order to face our fear;

we had to stop and take a stand, then move towards it. 

We had to believe that we could make the necessary changes.

It was only when we faced our fears, that we began to live the life we are meant to lead.

The fear of failure is not what stops or impedes us, quite often it is

the fear of change or success.

We can't allow fear to paralyze our ability to make changes in our lives.

If we try to face and understand what we're up against, it's much easier

to prepare for them.

And once we know what's up ahead, we can devise the best plan on how

to handle the possible results.

No matter what - face your fears!

Continue to move forward and work to pursue your new goals. 

Remember it is important to have momentum in our lives.

The courage it took to face your fear, will positively affect all of your goals

from this point on. 

So stand tall MATADOR, keep at it and you WILL eventually overcome

the fear of the next charging TORO.

Make it a courageous dia!

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