PAZ para ti...

Inner PEACE - comes free and we all deserve to own some!

I've found inner tranquility and PEACE does many incredible things...

1. Having a PEACE of mind improves our ability to think clearly.

2. It also increases our inner fortitude.

3. Often times it eliminates our impatience, nervousness, restlessness,

and even anger.

4. It tends to make you feel centered and more grounded.

5. It stabilizes us both emotionally and mentally so that we can remain

unaffected by what others think or say about us.

6. It definitely helps eliminate stress, anxieties and worries.

7. We come to understand and enjoy happiness.

8. Helps us relax our bodies and minds.

9. It tends to give us healing energy.

10. Gives us strength to not be swayed by hardships, difficulties or heartache. 

PEACE helps us maintain our inner poise, allowing us clear judgement,

and common sense in most situations.

11. It eliminates negative, and restless thoughts.

12. PEACE has always Improved my personal relationships with others.

13. It helps brings a sense to an already chaotic world.

14. It makes LIFE and the future look brighter.

15. PEACE has always lite my path and awakened my inner spirituality.

This weekend visualize PEACE - live PEACE.

Make it a PEACEFUL dia!

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