Someday is now... BREATHE!

Ever get in such a hurry that you run out of breath?

With so much going on in our lives we "somedays" forget to BREATHE...

That's when we have to remind ourselves to be GRATEFUL

- for even the small things, and for our HEALTH, our HAPPINESS,



One of the hardest things to realize is that our "someday" is right NOW!


When we breathe deep we are actually forcing the “relaxation response”

which is the opposite of the “flight or fight” response.

That is the crazy, frenetic response one goes through when our body gets

ready to respond to an emergency, like a car careening out of control

in your direction.

Our bodies immediately prepare to help us leap to safety; our respiratory

rate jumps up and we begin taking fast paced short gasps of air,

our heart rate increases, our blood pressure shoots up and our system

is flooded with adrenaline and various stress hormones.

Other physiologic changes that occur in that moment are that our pupils dilate

(open wide probably to see better), our sweat glands spring into action,

(that's why you literally get hot under the collar).

It's the type of response we need for a true emergency like if a car ever veers

out of control towards us.

But we don’t need and want that type of drastic response in our lives,

when all we may be experiencing is a very different situation, a first date

or job interview, a performance review, or the in-laws visiting.

By BREATHING we are forcing our bodies into relaxing - a true relaxation response.

We force our physiological system to do the exact opposite of the “flight or fight” response.

We can actually slow our respiratory rate, our heart rate, our pulse,

cause our blood pressure to lower, and even our pupils to contract,

and we stop perspiring.

Miraculous it seems, we force our body to come out of emergency mode.

Immediately we begin to calm down and feel less stressed.

I was also reading that when we are breathing in short gasps like

in the “flight or fight” situation, we negatively affect the balance

of gases in our blood stream.

We cause our bodies to do a poor job of cleansing itself of all the waste

products and carbon dioxide in the blood.

The excess carbon dioxide in the blood stream can adversely affect

the blood's acidity.

The result?

We feel tired, nervous and stressed.

So now you know why taking long, deep breaths before your next potentially

stressful situation is recommended.

Try it you will definitely feel much better.

Make it a deep breathing kind of dia!

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