Your miraculous LIFE...

"It is not merely a world of miracles; it is a miraculous WORLD" - G.K. Chesterton

What do you really expect out of LIFE?

What are your HOPES, DREAMS and your LOVES?

Are you fully living LIFE on LIFE's terms?

Do you know where you are on your journey?

Are you at its begining?

What more great and interesting experiences await you? 

What if you are towards the end of it?

What needs to change today?

Are you living LIFE to its fullest?

Do you approach each day accepting of all its challenges...  living, learning, 

and enjoying each moment? 

Why not?

What is stopping you?

Begin each day, knowing you will LIVE that day, working towards how you

really want to be thought about and remembered.

In the end it is all about memories.

Make it a great VIVA LA VIDA kind of dia!

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