Are you listening?

I’m grateful that I’ve always been sensitive to a voice within.

A voice with subtle messaging.

That dwells deep inside in a tiny space in thought.

Some say it’s part of our inner consciousness.

Not the one that belongs to "knowing what's the right thing to do,"

but one deeper at our core.

The one that is an important part of our higher being and our uniquely authentic self.

Not to be mistaken for self defeating thoughts.

Nor the critical, inner critic.

Not to be confused with our mental clutter.

Its the one with an emotional feeling, a voice not heard in reason

or more calculated thought.

It sends up advise ever so gentle and yet always wise.

It a tiny voice that centers us – that enlightens and brings us peaceful confidence.

Do you hear it?  Are you LISTENING?

Let that emotion be your guide.

Think too long or hard however; and you’ll miss it when it sounds.

Make it a great dia!

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