Fight or flee...

We’ve had a rough going since 2008, and it’s still a bit tough.

The world’s economy sat on the brink of recession with financial experts

predicting that the situation only getting worse before it got better.

In March the number of unemployed people was 15.0 million for a national

unemployment rate of 9.7 percent.

Although we see many signs of improvement with over 162,000 jobs added…

for many life is still tainted by an air of fear and uncertainty.

We begin to doubt our own abilities to get through challenges and difficulties.

Often times we start to second guess ourselves and a few of us even stop

trusting in ourselves.

Worse yet we stop trusting in a higher power to bring about the favorable

outcome we desire.

We begin to buy into what our “Inner Critic” says about us and our situation,

which in turn creates fear.

Whenever uncertainty arises in our lives, the future may appear somewhat unpredictable.

This in turn can end up causing us to feel a sense of fear.

So how does uncertainty trigger fear?

When we face the possibility of a serious problem or getting rewarded

- uncertainty arises.

We don’t really know the outcome and since anything can happen..

our body's in self defense will trigger its survival mechanism.

The one that is preset to expect the worst and increase the chance of survival.

This “fight or flight” response prepares us for survival, which is why we “fear,”

and “worry” when we face uncertainty.

All this happens quickly and automatically at a subconscious level.

Then if the outcome was terrible, at least we were prepared to fight.

If the outcome was good, we lived to fight another day and move on with our lives.

I wholeheartedly believe that fear is helpful for us to survive danger, however;

it’s unhealthy to go into that state often or have it triggered for a long period of time.

It's not only physically damaging and stresses the body; but it also psychologically

tears us up and in the end doesn’t help us solve our problems.

It’s not easy to know when to stop and fight and when to flee. 

I do know that uncertainty brings fear, and certainty brings confidence.

What we can all do is to plan ahead and always do our best by being prepared,

studying hard or working smart to increase the chances of success.

This will raise the level of certainty and our confidence.

So I end today's blog with much gratitude. 

Let us never become so overwhelmed and disillusioned with the state of the world

around us, that we fail to show gratitude for the many smaller miracles in our lives.

Gratitude for the many daily assurances we receive from our loved ones,

our families, friends, colleagues and even our pets.

Gratitude is the fight!

Fear is the flight.

Make it a gratitude filled dia!

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