Follow your heart-centered decisions...

Maybe Snoopy was not making heart centered decisions...

We all have a unique power of understanding, which enables us

to make day to day decisions. 

Each decision cumulatively transforms our day, 

and creates the life we have chosen.  

The decisions we make are key to opening the doors we desire,

and closing any others we need kept locked.

Our live's require that we constantly make choices... we stagnate when

we fail to make decisions.

Moreover our lives flourish when we make those difficult decisions

that somehow nudge us onto a different path.

One thing I've learned over the years is not to "over think" any decision

- especially if I am trying to please someone or just seeking their approval.

Overthinking inevitably makes us less confident in our decision making, 

and worse dilutes our self esteem and makes us question ourselves.

So follow your heart-centered path and make those tough decisions.

Real power is born in that decisive moment, where we are willing to follow

our heart wherever it may lead us.

Make this a great dia!

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