Go for it...

Lately I have had a few moments of self doubt.

One of my greatest assets has always been the ability to trust in myself.

When we play it safe we lose our edge.  So to help you - help me...

We must give ourselves permission to take risks or be willing to make mistakes.

We have to tell ourselves that its OK with being wrong every once in a while.

We need to give life’s challenges a tough ride, rather than sitting still afraid 

of failing and doing nothing.

We must consider the prospect of failure, but not get preoccupied

with needless worry.

We all grow from a failure we’ve experienced – much more than from

any type of success.

Success somehow never tests our resolve in the way that failure does and will.

And though success has its challenges, we learn more about ourselves when

we take on challenges that involve risk.

Remember, when we play it safe, we lose our vitality and we lose our edge.

When we second guess ourselves we diminish our “being.

So " Go for it! "

Make it a great dia!

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