Show no fear...

My Viejita always taught us to always stand up!  "Be strong and adopt a confident posture, even when you are standing in fear," she would tell us.  

Our family's “fearless attitude” originated from...  a tiny, fearless 4'6 100Lb. uneducated woman - whose simple but wise advise about speaking up and acting with confidence "no matter the perceived outcome," reverberates in every fiber of our extended family today.

She taught us to show confidence even when the odds of success were against us.

That we could overcome any challenge if we showed "corazon y coraje," heart and courage.  

She often refered back to a quote by the famous Gen. Emiliano Zapata, the one about...

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."   

Maybe it was a bit dramatic but the point she meant to make was clear.

That we should never be willing to be brought down to our knees without a fight, no matter the circumstances. 

"Be proud of who you are and stay determined!" I can hear her saying.

I've learned that one day I might have to surrender to fate, but today I will not surrender to fear. 

Today I will also refuse to be overcome by my own self-doubt.

It is only when we stop trusting ourselves in battle, that we risk losing the war.

Make it a great dia!

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