Divine timing...

With Spring here I have been doing one of the things I enjoy most – beside listening to my music I enjoy gardening. Gardening has got to be one of the strongest visible affirmation of divine timing.

Last year, I seemingly believed I could make Spring come earlier if I tilled more, weeded more carefully, and hardened off seedlings earlier than I normally would. In the end, I wound up with quite a few dead plants.

This year I decided to spend an evening throwing some seeds around in the empty soil after a hard rain. 

Would you believe that just a couple months later and without much effort, everything is growing into a beautiful flower garden!

I have always known about divine timing. Growing up "Divine Timing" was when everything positive began to happen to our family and for no apparent reason at the most needed time.

From more rain for our crops, to more chicken eggs hatching or a neighbor paying us back five fold for something he had borrowed a year before.

Divine Timing certainly was a part of my life growing up. Even though there were a few times when we might have been going through tough times or not experiencing the success that we believed we deserved. 

I remember one Spring we began to doubt the results of our hard work and convincing ourselves that what we had done was just not good enough. Whether for lack of faith or gratitude - we even started to question ourselves and each other.

Thank goodness for our Viejita and Divine Timing! She would somehow see and point out all the postive signs...  and somehow the results of everything we had been working hard for, had suddenly began to appear. 

She would remind us about patience and having faith. More important that even though we may have gone through a few difficulties or hardships, that those very rewards were meant to come in time… the "RIGHT" time.

So don't waste time questioning Divine Timing and show PATIENCE and have FAITH.

Soon you’ll see the miracles that are sure to show up in impossible and unthinkable ways.

Have faith that success will come at its "DIVINE TIME."

Make it a great dia!

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