How sunny is your attitude?

We were a very large family growing up and attiude, especiallly positive ones ,were important to our own personal success and the success of our family.

My Viejita used to tell us that we each made up many worlds. More important however; was that we each created the weather in our worlds' each day... from the moment we woke up we could choose beautiful sunny skies, or quiet blue skies, and even noisy thundering skies.  

As infants we are born with an unending desire to thrive. It is that energy and positive attitude that attracts the world to us, as children.

It is this same gift, this internal magnetism that  through the years will influence every aspect of our existence.

Think about it - no one has ever reallly had control over us. When was the last time someone forced you to feel disappointed, angry, jealous, suspicious, envious, bitter, angry or any one of a million other emotions? 

We each have total control over our attitude and the emotions that are created because of it.

Our attitude therefore is one of our biggest's asset.

It's our attitude and specifically a positive one, that ultimately determines what the weather over head will look like and how much of the day, the week and our future we will enjoy.

Make it a positive dia!

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