Optimistic resiliency...

Optimists enrich the present, enhance the future, challenge the improbable and attain the impossible. - William Arthur Ward

I read that Walt Disney showed a lot of optimism, resourcefulness and resilience.

Did you know his first company went bankrupt?

That he lost the rights to his first successful cartoon character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?

Upon going bankrupt he ended up losing most of his employees at the time and survived a nervous breakdown?

His optimism and resiliency helped him come back and win his first of 22 Academy Awards on a cartoon that he'd completed in black & white and later redid in color from scratch called Flowers and Trees - 1932.

He never gave up and with a lot of determination made it through the Great Depression with merchandising deals of Mickey Mouse watches and dolls.

His tenacity and courage worked to make his endeavors successful!

Today his company employs 140,000 people around the globe and last year had $37 billion in annual sales.

Make it a optimistic and resilient day!

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