The train ride of life...

A friend of mine had a baby boy last Tuesday morning. I wrote this for him and wanted to share it with you parents out there.

Life is like taking a train ride. I love trains and so I've used it as a metaphor to interpret my congratulatory birth wishes.

Life is like a journey by train, one full of points of arrivals and departures, of small accidents along the way, of pleasant surprises, filled with some false alarms and actual alerts, with some uphill and downhill climbs of sadness and uphill and downhill descents of joy.

When a child is born, he climbs up onto the train of life and discovers two loving people waiting there for him, his parents. Sent there by God to help guide him on the "Great" train ride of LIFE.

The one exception is that our ticket is stamped for a shorter destination along the same route.

As parents we will sadly debark at a station along the way. On that one given day we are never to embark again.

Yet in spite of this, our child's trip will continue. Meeting many other interesting people, during the long journey.

Embarking along the way will also be possiby other brothers and sisters, many friends and a few loves of their lives.

Many of them will only be joining our child for a short part of the trip, and many others will be at their side sharing all the joys and triumphs as well as disappointments and sadness to come.

On this long journey they will travel with people that will come in and out of thier life… much like people who come in and out of the compartments… to assist one and help out as needed.

Some will debark along the way and will leave lasting memories. Others however will travel silently, occupying a nearby seat, without being noticed.

Some passengers who the child may want close by, will prefer to sit away from him. Yet maybe close bye in another compartment. This may at times might make it seem as if they are traveling a leg of the trip alone.

But know that this will never prevent our child from reaching out and approaching them. So in spite of not being close at a certain moment in time, they will be able to go and find them and once again be seated together for another part of the trip.

On a trip that will be full of many marvelous sights and interesting vistas. A journey full of exciting passages and mysterious tunnels. With many points along the way to wait patiently for a departure and anxiously looking towards the next leg of the trip and the arrival.

As parents sadly we know that this train ride will be a one way journey for us. Let us, then prepare our children to travel as best as we can.

Let's teach them how to have good relationships with the rest of the passengers, to always seek to be kind rather than right, and to understand rather than be understood.

To teach them that at some point on their journey there will be someone who may not be as strong as them, and that they must acknowledge them and even help lift their baggage.

For at any given point they too may have this need and will look to another’s kind gesture.

As parents the great mystery of this train trip, is that we will not know which station of life we will be debarking at. Where along the way our journey will end.

But remember that the journey will be beautiful, and one where we will enjoy many moments together as a new family. A long train ride filled with many lessons to share and loving moments to enjoy.

And even though one day we may be separated from the love of your lives… our child. At that point on our journey, we will find them at the main station and be thrilled to see them now older and wiser and much more experienced than at the start of their trip.

Now, at the time of their birth… as the train stops to let all three on… we will have begun a beautiful journey.

One that will be filled with many personal moments of joy, treasured recollections, countless memories and reflections. A new story for a new family.

Thank God they have us making the journey with them, at least part of the way.

Three beautiful souls embarking on a long train ride together – a most wonderful journey of companionship and of true unconditional love.

So sit back and enjoy the ride… and give thanks for this beautiful miracle in our lives.

We now have chosen the train and the destination.

Thank God our child has chosen us as well – I am certain they chose the best parents they could find to take along on their long train ride.

Felicidades and make it a great dia and even greater journey!

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