Would you rather just exist?

Sometimes, we are too afraid to take a step further, towards our dreams because we fear failure. Benjamin Disraeli said it best when he wrote, "There's no happiness without action."

I have a few tips on overcoming the fear of making an important decision.

Have knowledge of purpose. I might ask myself.... "Do I have enough information to make an intelligent decision?"

I also try and leave emotion and feelings out of all decision making equations.

At times we might fear making a decision because of the percieved effort or struggle we may encounter.

Never second guess your own strength. You are stronger than you think.

Be purposeful about what you're having to make a decision on. Overcome fear by purposeful commitment.

Be committed.

Commitment is not a consequence of passion. Passion is a product of commitment.

After a few decisions - and several success and positive outcomes you will feel more confident of any future decision situations.

Remember that to truly live LIFE you have to take risks.

Most people will never take risks, they would rather just exist.

Make the decision you have been putting off, today.

Make it a great dia!

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