2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa!

Did you know the World Cup starts today? Mexico kicks it off against South Africa at 9:00 a.m. CST.

I bet you didn't know that more people watch and play soccer then do any other social activity? It may be that anyone, any size and where can play or enjoy it.

As a kid we played it on any level surface... grassy fields and pastures, on dusty grounds, stony and or cemented areas and even in doors with my Viejita yelling at us for doing it.

Let me tell you a little about some of the top players to watch... the world's best all time soccer player is Argentina's Lionel Messi and he stands just 5'7" tall. Rumor has it he took a lot of growth hormones just to grow that tall.

Other players to watch are:

Other then Beckham, Cristiano is probably the most recognized player in the world because he models for Armani. Cristiano Ronaldo a Portugal Winger, who scored 33 goals in 35 appearances with Real Madrid. Cristiano's name Ronaldo came from his father's favorite actor, Ronald Reagan.

Helmed Maicon is a Brazilian defender and the world's finest right back. If you go to You Tube you can see him doing some amazing ball juggling and then striking an impressive goal against Juventus.

There is also the amazing Wayne Rooney an English defender who scored 26 goals last season. Rooney is known for his tempermental outbursts and has "Just Enough Education To Perform" tattooed on his right forearm. The line is the title of an album by his favourite band, The Stereophonics.

Then there is Samuel Eto'o and Cameroon's all time leading striker. He gave each of his team mates $35,000.00 gold and diamond encrusted watches from his personally designed jewelry collection this past season.

I think you should look out for Spain's Iker Casillas, who is the world's best goalkeeper and who allowed zero goals in the Euro knock out round. Casillas played around 96 matches for Spain and has more than 43 clean sheets to his name.

Finally there is our own USA's rapping midfielder, Clint "Deuce" Dempsey who scored the only goal at the 2006 Cup against Ghana. I really love his never-say-die attitude which has been a constant feature of his career. His soccer ability got him out of his childhood trailer park in Nagodoches, Texas and opened doors which led to college and now Major League Soccer.

However; my all time favorite team is Brazil and they should do well this time around. We will have to get past Portugal and the Ivory Coast, but I predict it will be a Spain - Brazil final match- up this time around.

Let's take a look at some recent single game viewership stats - 

NBA Finals Game 5 -  8 Million watched

World series Game 6 -  22.3 Million watched

Super Bowl 106.5 watched


Make it a great futbol dia! Goooooooaaaaaalllll!!!

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