Create your own universe...


Can you say, "I am my own universe?"

It's funny to say out loud, but only you know what LIFE, is best for you.

So set your goals based on what is important to you, and not on what others may think is important for you. 

I find it wise to also identify things and people that you should treasure.

Cherish them as you would your LIFE, for without you'll one day realize that your LIFE would be meaningless.

Live your LIFE one day at a time, in the present, and each day to its fullest.

My Viejita always said, "La VIDA is like sand that will slip through your fingers if you aren't careful to watch it closely as you walk."

Remind yourself often, that LIFE has much to offer... so be relentless in how you live it.  

Remind yourself that nothing is really over, until the moment you quit or you stop trying.

Take risks, don’t be afraid. We all learn how to be a bit braver when we take chances.

Have ever truly dreamed of what your universe would look like in an ideal life?

Only you can DREAM the big dream.

So go out and LIVE your dream.

Take time and savour the journey.

Don’t rush through LIFE so that you end up forgeting where you have been, how you got there or where you are going.

LIFE after all is the universe that you create.

Your DESTINY awaits you.

Have FAITH that it will unfold as it should.

Make it a great dia!

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