I didn't mean to take you for granted...

We sometimes take our love ones for granted, and we expect that they will be with us forever. - Catherine Pulsifer

We go through life at one constant speed never realizing that we may just be taking someone for granted.

Are we forgetting to Live gratefully?

We need to learn to be more appreciative of what they bring into our lives by just being in them.

Just think of all the wonderful gifts they give us each day.

Treasure their love, companionship, counsel, support, smiles and hugs.

All meant to make our lives that much richer and more complete.

Have you called a love one today? Have you sent them a text message or e-mail? What about an old fashion letter?

We need to take advantage of the time we have with loved ones as well as friends.

Use every chance you get to embrace those around you, then do it again and with all your heart!

There are many things we take for granted every day, maybe we do not fully want to believe that in a moment it all could change.

We must slow our lives down... and appreciate our loved ones, always embracing them with open arms and a grateful heart.

Soon we will begin to see those around us in a whole new light.

Remember that they give meaning and add purpose to our lives.

Make sure you make it a point to enjoy every opportunity you have...  to love, live and learn from them.

Make it a great dia!

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