Is it real LOVE?

So you are in LOVE?


I’ve learned a thing or two about LOVE over the years.

So for my novice LOVERS - here is my heartfelt advice for you to digest.

I've learned NEVER to rush into LOVE. 

You deserve to be LOVED in the most genuine and sincerest way.

Don't ever short change yourself and never settle for less.

Your new relationship needs to feel right... it should "fit." 

It needs to feel comfortable. Above all though it must feel safe.

You'll also know if its the one... if you get the fuzzy, warm, butterflies in your stomach sort of feelings.  

Your new "LOVE" relationships should be easy on the mind, fun in the heart and inexpensive.

I haven't forgotten about the important three letter word.... sex.  

Sex is not LOVE. 

Confusing sex with LOVE is never a good thing.

I get it... we all feel those overwhelming emotions that stir up inside us when we're in close physical contact with the new LOVE of our life. 

Do ask yourself, "Will I still LOVE my him/her if I wasn't physically attracted to him/her?".  

Remember beauty and youthful looks are fleeting, but the heart and mind will endure.

LOVE is not medicinal or an emotional fix.

I remember my "puppy love" days and needing the latest teenage LOVE of my love so badly that I would literally feel sick when I couldn’t reach her.

Real LOVE – the sort of love that will be worth saving – is more than just "wants and desires."

This next tip is important, "Don't ever fall for someone with an agenda."

Even your own agenda.

If you must over look soooo many things about him/her and you plan on changing them, then it's not LOVE.  

If you will have to change your partner’s personality or behavior, consider finding someone less "defective."

Same goes for them, if you sense that their aim is to change you, your personality or behavior... don't walk, run as fast as you can AWAY from your new relationship! 

Here's a bit more advice...

Any long-term relationship worth keeping will involve some type of compromise.

Some compromise may be necessary, but in a true "LOVE" experience the compromising will be easy to do and inspired. 

All relationships will undoubtedly experience a few rough spots.

It will require your deep understanding and patience. 

A “long-term,” meaningful relationship will prove its worth over time.

So don't rush in... your new relationship has not proven their worth.

I found that many of the warning signs of a potentially disastrous relationship (at least in my own experience) appeared within the first three months.

Finally you have to enjoy being around your new found LOVE.

After all worthwhile relationships tend to inspire HAPPINESS.

In fact when you find the right one - you won't have to work at being happy.

The most successful partnerships I've ever enjoyed, produced happiness all by themselves.

Now go LOVE someone...

Make it a great LOVING dia!

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