One may fall but two must get up?

It does not matter how many times you get knocked down,  but how many times you get UP. - Vince Lombardi

Coming from a very large family of thirteen (that is just counting my siblings ;) We learned about getting back up after getting knocked down, from our own 4'8" version of Vince.

We were taught that no matter what - in a fall or in our defeat we must never stay down.

My Viejita taught us to look for ways that we could also help others up around us. 

So early on we were taught to not only pull ourself up by our "proverbial" bootstraps, but to always reach down to pull someone else up too.

Years later when I have experience leadership challenges or even a personal crisis; I know to not only focus on my own troubles, but to reach out and pull someone else to their feet.

Make it a great dia!

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