Our lives are ours to define...

I was reading an article in an old Reader’s Digest. It was a story about Alfred Nobel, the originator of the Nobel Peace Prize. When his brother died he went to the corner kiosk and bought the daily newspaper to see what had been written about his brother. He was shocked to read that they had confused him with his brother and the obituary he was reading was his own.

In 1863 this Swedish industrialist had invented the Nobel patent detonator used with dynamite and nitroglycerin to break up rock for his factories. The premature obituary (he was reading) focused on the terrible death and destruction this powerful force had brought to mankind. Nobel was at first very angry at the error the newspaper had committed, but at the core was pretty devastated. He wanted to be known as a man of “Peace” not for bringing death and destruction to the world.

He quickly realized that if the obituary was to be re-written one day, he would have to change the way he was living his Life. So Alfred Nobel went on to do just that. Life he felt, "Is really ours to define." On December 10, 1896 Nobel passed away, but in his will he declared that the majority of his estate should be used to endow "Prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind." Today he is better known for his contribution to Peace then for anything else he accomplished in his life.

So I thought about my own life and what might one day be written in my own obituary. Morbid as it might sound… “Do I really know myself? Do I live by my own Mission statement? What truly defines my strengths? What motivates me to be all I have been meant to be? I know it sounds a bit crazy – and morbid but I decided to write my own obituary. I quickly realized that an obituary it’s not about how someone died, but about how they LIVED. 

It’s harder than you think. But it’s an important exercise and a good way to begin to develop a clearer “individual and personal” purpose. It’s a second chance of sorts - to adjust what and how we are living our lives, to describe the ideal you and to most importantly define how each of us want to be remembered for and by our loved ones.

I believe and trust that our higher power has a wonderful plan for each of our lives. We must establish our own paths and rest assured knowing that nothing is beyond our reach.

Our Life is ours to define. Make it all it should be!

Make it a great dia!

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