Over 25% of human genes are the same as a...

Some days we all really have a way of annoying others with our intelligent remarks.

On those occasions all you have to do is remember this little nugget that I came across. 

Did you know that over 25% of human genes are the same as those of a simple banana?

You probably also know that humans and the ole chimpanzee’s genome have already been sequenced.

Although both chimps and humans have lost and gained a hand full of genes since our lost common ancestor...  we still generally share the same types of genes.

(Obviously the actual sequence of the gene may be a little different).

However; we are closely related to chimps, (from an evolutionary perspective that is), we share about 98.6% of our DNA sequence at the genome level.

Now that should make us feel a whole lot smarter than the earlier banana reference.

So let's get over ourselves!

Make it a great day and try not to annoy anyone this morning… or the rest of the week.

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