The reflection in the mirror...

As you wake up each day you have to look at the reflection in the mirror - your own.

You're standing in front of the mirror of life.
This mirror tells your present day story.

Do you like what you see?

Only you are capable of changing what’s reflected.

You alone are the person who has been hindering your growth.

Have you been setting limits? 

Do you see youself in the right light? 

Only you can correct the lighting in your life. 

Is it bright and sunny or is it dim and gloomy?

Do you see a happy reflection?

Only you can influence your reflection and the happiness in your life.

No one else can take your place in front of this mirror.

You alone are reflected in the mirror… and only you can change what you see there.

Your reflection will not change as you change neighborhoods or jobs, or if your friend's change, or even if your loved ones' change.

Your reflection will change when YOU change.

That image in the mirror will change when you go beyond self imposed, limiting beliefs.

When you begin to see that you alone are accountable for what is in the mirror.

So take a closer look at that reflection...  your reflection.

Take a closer look at yourself.

There will never be a more important image then the one in the mirror.

Your mirror’s reflection is the truest depiction of the person standing in front of it.

It doesn't hide any imperfections.

Only you can change what is reflected, only you can change the reality in the mirror.

You can and will create the image you want reflected. 

Start to visualize a new you... your new reality.

Start by seeing a NEW you.

See it. Believe it. Attain it!

Make it a great dia!

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