Yesterday's moments that take our breaths away today...

Your LIFE is valuable not for the number of breaths you take, but for the number of moments that take your breath away. - Author unknown

Growing up I was the one responsible for walking Tia Asuncion (she really wasn't our Aunt but we reverantly called her that name) home. She would arrive early in the morning to help my Viejita with the daily chores and to have some company as all of her children were grown and old Loreto her husband usually was out tending his six cows.

It was a slow and very deliberate sort of walk, as her arthritis in her knees usually gave her problems, but her bulky floor length skirt and shawl didn't help much either.

The Tia Asuncion was a gentle soul - I never heard her raise her voice and more important she never had a bad thing to say about anyone. Her light green colored eyes almost seemed to glow against her dark wrinkled tanned face.

We would always begin our walk with a short "sign of the cross" saying under her breath, "To you dear Lord, I commend us to." It wasn't a great distance we were going, but she always made it seem like we were about to embark on a long journey.

Some days I would try and guess just what calamity she thought might befall us. I would laugh at some of the visions in my head, like maybe she thought a mischievous herd of wild cows were loose and headed our way.

So each evening right before sunset, as we neared the wooden gate leaving our home, she would look both ways, look up to the skies and then take my hand. In about twenty minutes we'd be at the front stoop of her adobe house which was only about 1500 feet away.

I remember it took 764 steps to get us there (I know who counts their steps - but we did it so many times that I had to countthem). It always took me less then 740 steps to get back home - I usually ran back.

I loved our daily walks, she would make us stop often along the way... (now I realize it was to catch her breath or rest her sore knees). She would always point out a tiny new rose bud, a marigold, or a Monarch butterfly flutering around and even a scorpion leaving its nest on one occasion.

She would tell me that every thing, every flower, every creature had a purpose even the scorpions. She said that God created them and so they must be important and had a purpose.

I asked her about fleas on one of our walks and she replied, "They help keep my old dog
Chucho awake long enought for him to eat." We would laugh at her funny answers and then go back to our slow but steady walk.

Year later I still stop and look at a new bloom, up in a tree for a sparrow and even up close on the ground to see how ants carry a crumb of bread. She would never know just how much she affected me, and how her simple inspired acts on our daily walks so long ago would have made a significant difference in my world today.

Muchas Gracias Tia Asuncion!

Make it a great dia!

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