The most important things in LIFE...

I am an early riser - and love waking up in a state of gratitude for a new dawn and ever thankful for all that I have been blessed with in my life; good health, sound mind, caring soul, my loved ones, good friends and live an overall peaceful life.

I begin my days on my knees in quiet prayer and thanksgiving. Gratitude is the most profound form of thanks one can show - for everything in our lives that is both seen and unseen. And no matter how complicated our lives may become, there are always wonderful and valuable moments co-existing there.

I also believe that we must also be grateful when we are going through tough times. Why you ask? Try and see your hard times on a gradient scale. There are always different degrees of hard times - and we can take the worst situation and find something positive.

Few people express their gratitude only as a palliative way of coping with circumstances that are either painful or difficult. Their gratefulness is shallow and disguises their true discontent and pessimism.

While it is easier to feel gratitude for positive experiences and people in our lives; to ignore situations and experiences that are "life lessons," tend to sink us into deeper pessimism A state of mind where we risk losing the ability to identify opportunities to renew our spirit.

Gratitude is an important way to start any morning. A set point our personal quest for meaning.

Gratitude has also been a natural anti-depressant. My own over the counter remedy for mild depression that helps open doors to new meaning and hope.

Gratitude has also helped me in situations where I needed to overcome the pessimist of the day. The moments spent in meditative gratitude allow me to breathe again, to laugh and find a few seconds of tranquility.

Being grateful helps push through those times of pain and motivates us in times of joy to celebrate. Being grateful teaches us to appreciate the invaluable things in our lives; family, friends, health, love, dignity.

Everything that we love deeply ends up becoming a part of us. Funny how some of us think that gratitude is equivalent to conformity. That couldn't be further from the truth... GRATITUDE helps us recognize the seen and unseen gifts around us, brings into clear focus the fuller story and is the gift that allows us to open our eyes to them.

Make it a great dia!

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