A July 16th symphonic day.

Much like playing a symphony one has to...  Listen. Breathe. Read. Synchronize. 

In the musical notation of any composition; a measure is a segment of time defined as a given number of beats of a given duration.

Life I believe is written much that way.

It is a full symphony with many nuances and dynamics to its composition.

The music we're playing can have some "measures" filled with "legatto" played notes.

The type filled with beautiful "transitions" of smoothly played notes without any "accenting".

As well as notes arranged with "stacatto", whose combination of abrupt or disconnected notes at times interspace our composition. 

Still every "measure" of life's symphony has its own cadence and beat.

When we ignore the melody playing inside us, we stop reading the notes and quit playing the song.

We are no longer enjoying the music.

Thank God for the special people in our lives that have a way of  calling us back.

Loved ones, whose soulful chant move us to reconnect to Life and its music.

Gracias Desi, for being a part of our Life's symphony.

I am listening... Breathing. Reading. Re-synchronizing.

Make it a great dia!

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