Los tres Tamichopas.

This is an old folk story I heard told in the Kickapoo hamlet of Tamichopa in Sonora, Mexico close to my village.

Many years ago, late one night in the hills surrounding Tamichopa in a small village in Sonora, Mexico.  three goat herders were preparing to retire for the evening after herding their goats off the mountain.

Suddenly they were all immersed by illuminating bright gold colored rays of light.

The three became frightened and cowered in fear, but soon they realized that they were in the presence of a celestial being. The night was very still and quiet and the three could hear each others’ breaths like their own.  

They anxiously awaited for some sort of heavenly message.  

Certain that whatever they heard would be of great importance.  Nothing happened. 

So they waited.  No one dared move – then all of a sudden a BOOMING voice spoke up.

"You will travel back home in the morning but first you must all gather as many tiny rocks as you can tonight.  

I will than need you to put them into your donkey’s saddle bags.  

As you herd your goats down the hills to Tamichopa in the morning it will be a great día. But you will feel both sadness and joy."

Immediately the lights went away and soon afterwards the three shared their disappointment and even their feelings of anger with each other.  

They really had expected that this mystical sighting would have revealed them the secret of finding the old El Tigre gold mine, maybe a new medicinal plant or the power to enchant a maiden.  

But NO, instead they were given the menial task of picking up a some rocks and stuffing them into their donkey’s saddle bags. What disappointment!

At first they debated on picking up any rocks period.  

"That was a stupid request," the three whispered under their breaths.  

"Why carry extra weight down to the village with us?"   

"All that extra work and for what?"  

But the vision of the brilliant light and the message of their visitor caused each one to pick up a few rocks and deposited them into their saddle bags.

All the while they each kept voicing their displeasure.

So they went to sleep and the next day they herded their goats down the hills.  

Later that day, as they were at the edge of their village they stopped and reached into their saddle bags.

To their amazement they discovered that the rocks they had gathered the night before had magically turned into sparkling nuggets of gold!

All at once they were filled with sadness and joy, just as the voice had told them.

Although they were very happy that they now had all these beautiful valuable pieces of gold they were very sad that they had not gathered more rocks when they had plenty of time and the opportunity.

The moral:  If you spend more time working hard and picking up the rocks now -- your future will then transform all that effort into great rewards.

Make it a great dia!

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