Rich and poor kids...

They say EVERYTHING in LIFE is relative...

Which ones are the rich kids and which ones are the poor ones?

Could you tell the difference?

In the cities our children are unable to be left alone or without supervision. We don't even feel safe allowing them to play in the near by parks alone.

In the sierra Madres the kids play from dawn to dusk, without ever worrying about any harm coming to them.

Our children spend a lot of time indoors stuck to the TV or the internet on computer games, with little opportunity to enjoy some physical activity outdoors.

The kids in the sierras play a lot of outdoor games - kick the can, baseball and soccer and marbles and horseshoes to name a few... no play stations or Xboxes anywhere in sight.

Our children may have one or two pets that they are responsible for and what a great gift they are to have.

The kids over here have many pets; a horse and a donkey and even a calf, as well as dogs and cats or parrots and I have even seen a raccoon in one home too.

Our children have local YMCA pools where they can go swimming during assigned hours and certain days of the week.

Here in the kids of the sierras do not have swimming pools, but what they do have is a beautiful river with sparking clear waters, and cascading falls with large cliffs to dive off from. It's also open for swimming twenty four - seven.

Our children have lit streets with high reaching candelescent lighting.

Here the night skies have a million stars and a big glowing moon over head to light up the kids' surroundings as they play.

Our children have a back yard that reaches to the fence line a few feet away.

The kids here have large beautiful gardens and pastures as far as the eyes can see.

Our children eat a lot of processed meals like sandwich meats, hotdogs and chicken nuggets...  on the run and re-heated in microwaves.

The kids of the sierras eat organic raised vegetables and fresh cooked meals, which are heated over mesquite fed wood stoves.

Our children live sheltered lives protected by dead bolts and alarms and very tall fences.

The kids here live in homes that have but a single door latch and whose sense of protection comes from the friendships of all their surrounding neighbors.

Our children are connected to their friends through their texting and cell phones... as well as Xboxes, AOL and Facebook.

The kids here are connected to Life; the sun, the skies and the water, and to their animals, friends and families.

It's all relevant.

But I have to ask which are the rich kids and which ones are the poor ones?

Have a great dia!

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