Falling in LOVE... ROCKS!

I have a brother that made this look easy.

I mean have you ever wondered about people like my brother who have no trouble falling in love?

Do you ever wish you were the kind of person who when meeting another immediately could fall head over hills in love?

With marching bands in your ears, and butterflies in your stomach sort of love?

Maybe not the marching bands, but where youbecame completely devoted?

Where you allowed that special person to take every ounce of your love and empty your heart of all it's love?

Ever wish you could?

Ever wish you could be completely devoted to another human being?

Be able to totally surround them with love?

Why not?

You have to allow yourself to let yourself be free to LOVE with great passion.

Forget restrictions.

Everyone is capable of falling completely in LOVE.

How about You?

Make it a great dia!

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