My neighbors on their morning walk...

I have some pretty eccentric neighbors. One older couple right around the bend from my house enjoy walking their pet. This nice couple – don’t walk a dog – I guess they could if they had one. They like to take in an early morning stroll with their cat. Now I walk my dog and my dog basically does and goes where I want him to… he is great that way.

Yet each morning I see them across the way and wave – sometimes they wave back – other times they are too busy to. What’s priceless is that this big cat always leads the way, walking at times, running ahead at others… and with his humans in tow. A proud cat with its tail high, making sure that everyone around them understands their perfect arrangement.

So Parker and I stop and observe (that’s my canine), how they’ll seem to get into deep conversation and walk ahead of their cat and you know a cat is just not going to allow that. (You cat lovers know what I mean).

Their cat looks up at them and will turn slowly and look at us as if to tell us “Watch this guys” and then will stop and clean some hard-to-reach spot, or investigate something in the grass. Just trying to tell us and everyone around...  that there is no way it is following his humans.

So the leash goes taunt and they stop immediately and then quickly find something to point at as if to distract Parker and I (the observers). “Yes, look over in that tree – what kind of affliction could be hitting that tree?” “No not that one that one – way over there.”

It is extremely amusing to see and maybe slightly annoying to the "cat" walkers. But then again I guess this is never annoying to these nice cat lovers when it happens to them every day. Having had to take care of a cat once - I confess that cat lovers are a bit different.

I think all Cat lovers for that matter… understand and appreciate a good joke, even when it is on them.

Make it a great dia!

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