Make it your baby.

If you want to want something bad enough you'll find a way to get it.

Personal desire, drive and determination are all attributes one need to reach a level of achievement.

I also believe that you will never reach your goals if you are not hungry.

No one can motivated you - one has to have that burning desire to get it done.

Reminds me of a story from my beloved Tamichopas in Sonora.

The two Tamichopa "Kickapoo" indian hamlets were feuding.

One hamlet is high up in the sierras and the other by the river's edge closest to the town of Huachinera. 

The Tamichopas de la sierra raided the villagers of the Bavispe river and kidnapped Pesiquia's grandson.

Pichita was a little guy of a few months of age. 

The next day the Tamichopa villager's organized a team to go and find and bring back the Chief's grandson.

They did not know how far up in the sierras he had been had taken to.

The search party struggled a long the way.

It was hot and rainy, and the climb was made that much more difficult due to the muddy roads.

After a half a day on the road they came to the toughest part of the climb.

A mudslide had destroyed most of the road and they could not continue on horseback.

The search team was tired and hungry.

They stopped long enought to discuss whether to continue or return to the village and attempt the search another day.

Suddenly to everyone's amazement they saw Pichita's mother descending the sierras towards them.

Tucked in her make shift backpack was her little bundle of joy.

"How were you able to climb the sierras and rescue Pichita when we were not able to?" asked Makateo the village elder.

She answered, "It wasn't your baby."

The story brings home the message huh?

When you have something that is worth having, you will do everything in your power to achieve it. 

Whether it is something you strongly believe in, desire to have or a dream to realize... there will never be a mountain high enough to keep you from it.

May your dreams always have the hunger of perserverance and personal determination to achieve them. 

Make it a great dia.

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