What's keeping you from changing?

Lately I have been dealing with change. 

Change is difficult but admitting ones need for change is always a good beginning.  

One must identify their goal, whatever that goal might be and work towards achieving it.

So how will I achieve this change I am looking to make?

By being open to learn from any past or current mistakes.

I consider a mistake anything I can learn from.

If one keeps doing the same thing over and over again, one will get the same results.

It’s insane to think anything might change.

In life like in business, competence breeds confidence.

So next is to do a close evaluation of the things one needs to change.

Especially looking for the things that are not working in my life.

I then seek to understand why these things are not working and substitute them for things that have worked.

Change is always positive - the added benefit is improving ourselves.

With that done I begin the day by setting targets that I can work at achieving.

I break down the bigger goal into smaller targets, each set towards the main goal.

I then keep the goal in sight, striving towards achieving each target and seeking my personal excellence.

The goal is to constantly improve and always working at attaining personal excellence.

What are you needing to change in your life?

Make it a great dia.

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