Being GRATEFUL takes work...

Gratitude is not easy - you have to be tough.

Being GRATEFUL is an attitude that takes work.

You have to be strong enough to be grateful, especially when things aren't going all that well.

You have to be able to stare your problems in the face and say, "It's not over."

To believe that there are better times still ahead.

To try and find something to be grateful for and then be able to hang onto it no matter what.

I strongly believe that GRATITUDE is one of the secrets to being happiness.

I believe that without it, we end up feeling caught in an neverending struggle.

When you're in that struggle, you see everything in bleak shades of black and gray.

You begin to let all sorts of troubles to pile up.

and it that was not bad enough, Life becomes something to endure, rather than enjoy.


Make it a great dia!

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