Fenix II the sadness and then JOY at the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile


"Chi CHi CHi... Le.. Le .. Le.. Los mineros de CHILE!"

And so 22 hours and thirty nine minutes after they begun the heoric effort to rescue the miners, all 33 are now safe and free. 

I was amazed by their ingenuity, their perseverance and of course their ever present sense of hope and determination.

I must admit that I spent the entire day watching and listening to the grateful conversations between the miners and their rescuers and their loved ones and families.

I was moved by the love and gratitude they showed one another and by the hope and faith that they all have been demonstrating throughout this long ordeal.

I was very impressed by seeing their President and first lady there throughout the day, greeting each miner as they came out of the mine.

Moreover, I loved hearing the conversation of the last and final miner Luis Alberto Urzua Irribarren, the group foreman and his rescuers - I sensed his humbleness but also felt his valor and courage.

We all need to see rescues like this to remind us that out of these horrible events can come outcomes without tragedy.

In many ways I was grateful to have watched this and know that my spirits were lifted.

Last night I celebrated with those miners and their families.

They are truly courageous and incredible patriotic.

They brought the country of CHILE together.

And as soon as the last miner Luis was coming up Chile's President led in the singing of "Vamos Chilenos que esta noche los vamos a sacar"... and "sacar" they did.

Then they held their hard hats to their hearts and sang the Chilean national song.

I am grateful that this 69 day tragedy is finally over.

God Bless the Chilean people.

Make it a great dia!

(All these photos came from the Boston.com)

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