Five piles for a simple life...

So a Feliz Dia follower Kjellfrid in Norway read yesterday's blog and asked me about some simple advice for living a less complicated life.

I'll share with you the advice I gave her and what I try and do in my own life.

First of all there are many things we can do to simplify our lives.

One thing I like to do every six months or so is to declutter my home.

I begin by clearing the living room and creating five areas/spaces.

I next begin to create piles by going through each room and start assigning the items a space...

1. The stuff I know I really need and want to keep

2.  The stuff I have no use for and need to throw away

3. The stuff that I will donate because I haven't used it/them in last several months and someone could enjoy or use

4. The stuff I can recycle  

5. The stuff I am not sure about (I keep this stuff around for another six months but if I haven't found a good use for them in six months... then in a pile they go the very next time.)

By the way I also do this for my backyard's storage shed and both of my attics.

Make it a simple dia!

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