Forever love and honor... Rodolfo Acosta Benavidez

I spoke to my niece Nydia last night and she said that her life had effectively stopped the moment that her Father was murdered.

She angrily said that she couldn’t “move on” with her life, because nothing could “replace” her Father - nothing!

In my mind she was right, since nothing could ever replace her Father, but she was also wrong in saying she couldn't go on.

What I told her was that to move on didn’t mean to replace the memory of those who are most dear to us.

Moving on isn’t a failure to acknowledge the ways in which our lives have been indelibly touched.

By moving on we are enriched by whom we loved.

They become a part of us.

The one we love and therefore honor, helps make us who we are now.

We can’t ever let go of that, any more than a blade of grass could let go of the sun, rain and earth that nourished and grew it.

Make it a new dia!

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