Inspire someone to do something today.

I really enjoy reading Dr. Wayne Dyer - I am currently reading his book called "Manifest your destiny."

He also wrote "Motivation is when you take hold of an idea. Inspiration is when the idea takes hold of you."

We are all inspired to do something.

Over the years I've learned that words can't somehow magically inspire someone.

I believe people can only motivate themselves from within.

Although one can't instill "motivation" into another.

We can try and find it in them and call it forth.

I also live by another nugget of advice...

"Tomas, always lead by example!" a great man once told me back in Hinesville Georgia.

That man also cheered us on one cold Georgia morning and said, "Perspiration never killed anyone!" while we were on our 50th push up...

That great man was General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Advice that has stayed with me to this day.

Make it a great inspirational dia!

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