Over the horizon... I see a new day.

I wake up thinking about everything I am grateful for.

So much has happened in just the past four months, my families lost two loved ones Roberto in July and Rodolfo in September to the on going violence in Cd. Juarez across the border from El Paso in Mexico.

We have also lost two precious cousins Maria Elena three weeks ago to a brain aneurysm and just Thursday Angelita to a hard attack after what seemed a miraculous recovery from a subdural hemotoma.

I sit in my garden remembering the many great memories of my loved ones and felt their calming presence.

Today I wanted to express my gratitude to the many wonderful memories and to tell you how much I appreciated and cherished all of you.

No doubt that your spirits will echo in time forever.

I know our eyes are clouded by the many tears we've shed; but I know that the love and hope you've instilled in all of us, will be there when we do stop crying.

Allowing us to continue to see you over the horizon.

And so the cool early morning breeze, here in a distant city...

Brings the voices of the tiny flinches, the calming cooing of the morning doves and the three squirrels that chatter incessantly by the fountain...

All tiny messengers that bring their own messages of tranquility and joy. 

I miss you all - I  know that in my heart we will one day walk together again like we once walked.

I offer heartfelt condolences to all that are left behind, but grateful that in time we will all become resigned to our loss.

Just as they would want us to.

Today I celebrate your lives with the utmost respect and love you all merit and deserve.

Make it a great dia!

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