I’m grateful for the people in my life, my loved ones and even the stranger who was kind to me yesterday.

I was short a ninety-one cents and as I reached for my credit card he quickly offered to pay.

I'm grateful I have challenges in my life.

I'm most grateful that I can learn from these challenges.

I'm thankful that they continously make me a stronger person.

So say THANKS and more often!

The simple act of saying “thank you” to someone can make a big difference in that person’s life.

Make sure you call them, email or stop by to say thank you.

Take a minute out of your life to tell them why you are grateful toward them.

It is important to them and all of us.

We all like being appreciated for who we are and what we do.

Remember it costs you little, but will make someone happy.

And making someone else happy, is contagious and will make you happy.

Finally I thank my loved ones, for all they do to me.

I also thank strangers who’ve shown me little acts of kindness.

I thank God, for the life he’s given me.

I thank people around the world for the things they’ve done to make the world better.

Crazy as it sounds, I also take time to thank myself.

For all the things big and small that I’ve done so far and in a way recognize my successes and accomplishments.

Live a Life of Gratitude!

The thing is, simple acts of gratitude don’t cost you anything.

But they can make a huge difference in someone's life - namely yours.

Make it a great dia!

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