You never blame the seed.

I was meditating in my garden early this morning.

I quickly realized that when one plants a seed, if it does not grow into the beautiful flower or vegetable you expected, one never blames the seed.

Rather you look for reasons why it did not do well.

Could it have been that it needed more fertilizer, or more water, or got too much or too little sun?

You never blame the seed.

Yet when we have problems with a loved one, a friend or relative, we blame the other person.

What if we were treat them like the small seed?

If we knew how to do a better job of taking care of them, they too would grow well, just like the seed.

Merely blaming them for the conflict will have no positive effect, you have to look at what caused it.

Could it be what you did? 

In my experience its better to seek to understand, rather than being understood.

Do not blame, don't try to reason, nor argue - just understand.

Make it a great dia!

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