Can you hear the silence?

It's another beautiful Sunday. 

Overcast skies and a touch of Autumn in the air. 

A great morning to be one with the universe. 

Each morning I pray, I meditate and I also use this special time to be quiet.

Using an opportunitity to hear Silence. 

Over the years I gave found it to be a remarkable way to bring PEACE and HOPE into my life. 

Have you ever attempted to put silence at the heart of your everyday busy life?

Bringing down the volume a few notches?

What do you think you would you feel if you could achieve it?

Peace, tranquility and quiet are elusive and most of us work hard to try and avoid them.

Silence after all forces one to reflect on everything in and around us.

I think people purposely construct layers of noise to dull the anxieties they're experiencing.

Easy fix?

Maybe you're compounding the problems and situations around you.

Try it.

Silence is a medicinal salve of the soul.

Make it a dia of silence!

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