Celebrate Veteran's Day!

Today we celebrate Veteran's Day! 

A lot of Americans have the day off today, banks will be closed and there won't be any mail delivery.

Yes today it's Veteran's Day, and the day we reflect on the sacrifice and service of our men and women in uniform.

It was 92 years ago today that the guns stopped firing and thereby ending World War I.

It happened on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

It was dubbed by many as the war to end all wars.

Sadly, it wasn't.
In Europe, Nov. 11th is still remembered as Armistice Day.

Here in the United States, President Eisenhower, the former allied commander in the Second World War, changed the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

The year was 1954.

Today most of us do not know why exactly we celebrate this holiday today. 

The fact is that we have thousands of men and women at this very moment risking their lives in service to our country.

We hardly hear anything about Iraq anymore unless of course some young military troop has given their life and the local news tells us about it.

Trouble is there are wars going on in both Iraq and  Afghanistan.

We’ve been in Iraq since March 20th, 2003 or close to 8 years now, since we declared war on Iraq.

In Afghanistan we have been the since October 8, 2001 or 9 years.

We've now been fighting in the Middle East longer than World War I and II combined.

Yet there’s little or no live coverage.

We still have 50,000 men and women in Iraq - left behind as advisers.

There are over 100,000 fighting in Afghanistan today, and very little actually gets reported back to us.

Our armed forces have always fought to free oppressed people around the world.

Achieving these goals and bringing them the freedom they deserve will be a long and difficult struggle.

So even though we may not see more media coverage on our military in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else in the world.

We must not forget that they are serving their country there today.

That Veterans Day is more than a day off of work or a chance to buy a new car at some Veteran's Day sale.

Each Memorial Day, we are asked to remember the fallen.

Today, I ask you to  remember the living.

Veterans Day is a special holiday that allows us each year as Americans to atone for all those other days that we fail to thank our Armed Forces and Veterans that have proudly served..

Today we can  thank these men and women for giving us the opportunity to continue to sleep under the very blanket of freedom they provide.

Today, I ask you to take a moment to thank that veteran who might work in the next cubicle, or your neighbor or a family member.

If they're not close bye, then please send them an e-mail or pick up the phone and call that friend who's son or daughter might have just gotten back from Iraq.

Take a few minutes to thank them for doing the job some of us couldn’t do or for some reason we didn’t want to do.

I want you to take it a step further - stop by a VA Hospital and spend some time with that ailing young or elderly veteran.

Americans have always shown their support for their troops.

Today let's thank them all!

Not just these brave volunteers that risked their lives, but all veterans who were willing to step forward to serve our nation in whatever capacity they could.

Be grateful that we have these courageous men and women.

Give thanks and enjoy Veterans Day! 

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