Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the holidays. Although quite often I am too far away from the one's I love.

I enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving, although its not a holiday that I've ever celebrated in Mexico.

Yet no matter where I find myself, I am thankful for this annual reminder.

Remindng me to be a little more thankful and compassionate then I might have been.   

Too often we look at what's "missing" or "lacking" in our lives. 

Instead of being thankful for all we do have in our lives. 

It's so easy to fall into the commercialization of this blessed concept. 

We're constantly inundated with all the stuff that merchant's say we should have.

The 2.0 version of just about everything in our lives.  

So to really enjoy this  holiday, this Thanksgiving we must be grateful and do a paradyne shift. 

Ensuring we make a true conscious effort of seeking gratitude and being thankful.

Giving thanks for all we do have in our lives and putting it to practice in our lives.

I believe that being thankful inspires others to be thankful as well.

Its easy to over look everything we could be thankful for.

But I am sure there are a hundred and one reasons in our lives, if we take a closer look.

This holiday, inspire others to do the same. 

Be grateful, live gratefully and seek to see everything in your life as a positive.

Work to live as if it's Thanksgiving year round by showing compassion and giving without expecting anything in return.

Be more generous with time, money, patience, good deeds, kind words - just give. 

Your one seemingly insignificant act might be allit takes to make the difference in the world to the next person you see. 

Can you imagine if we all did this on a regular basis? 

Make it a grateful dia!

Happy Thanksgiving or Feliz de de Accion de Gracias! 

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