It's been a year!

I can't believe its been a year since I began blogging!

I have been writing daily inspirational, motivational or personal story of hope and courage in various memos for my colleagues for over eight years.

It was only when my computer crashed a year ago today that I made the wise choice to archive my thoughts onto a blog.

"Un Momento Please" was born on Nov. 26th 2009.

Many people have asked me this past year why I write?

Others ask me why I have no ads other then for the charities on my site.

Truth is I don't choose to make any profit off my writings in any way.

My reasons is simple.

The purpose and hope of "Un Momento Please" is to provide a few moments of respite, of reading for people exploring GRATITUDE.

Although after Roberto's murder last July or Rodolfo's kidnapping and murder in September, my writings have at times moved towards bringing awareness to the on going violence in Cd. Juarez, Mexico.

Still I write because there is purpose in my life.

My hope is that those who stop by will learn that there is a great deal to be grateful for.

That there is a higher power and it exists there for each of us and that we are loved.

That there between our hopes and despair, in our endless search for happiness there is a lot to be grateful for.

Thanks for being there for me -

Make it a great dia!


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