With honest eyes and open hearts.

As Thanksgiving nears we all have something to be grateful for.

Today begin your day by trying to see the world through more grateful eyes. 

You'll find that by doing that you are immediately happier, more content with the world..

I read that statistically speaking grateful people are happier people. 

Imagine seeing the best in the world around you... with gratitude in your hearts.

Begin with finding what is good about your relationships, your business world as well as your home life.

If you are skeptical and we all can be at times - today is your day!

Today just focus on all the positive aspects of your "vida" your life. 

Close your eyes and filter out "negativity." 

Today I want you to see your silver lining, your rainbow, visualize your light at the end of the tunnel.

Listen to small whispering voice, your heart , your intuition or sixth sense.

Be intuitive; think with your head but let your heart lead. 

We can learn to be more intuitive and allow gratitude to amplify your intuition.

When we become more grateful, no matter what life throws at you...

 even if it is something you might not have willingly chosen -

you will be better able to accept the situation without resistance. 

Resistance is what gets us "stuck."

Resistance increases our personal suffering. 

Resistance tends to make us more fearful.

We end up interfering and usually makes everything worse. 

When we are grateful, we are more apt to accept whatever life may bring us.

We are better able to move through obstacles calmly and unafraid.

Everything happens for a reason.

Nothing happens by accident.

We can learn to look for the lesson and the benefit that each situation may bring us.

What is your life, your heart or intuition trying to tell you? 

Close your eyes and be grateful.

This universe is always conspiring to help us achieve our dreams... if we let it. 

 Today you will choose to have the courage to follow wherever gratitude leads you.

Grateful eyes allow you to see blessings where others only see a problem.

Make it a great dia!

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