The world in which we live is impermenant.

Sundays are always inspring days for me.

It's either the end of a week or the start of a new one.

It is the day I truly am closer to my higher power.

A day I purposely set aside to reflect, meditate and be spiritual.

This morning as I prayed I thought about eternity and our earthly journeys.

I know that the world we live in now is impermenant.

Just like all of us.

Only when we begin to understand  this can we accept and reach our personal resignations over a sudden passing of a loved one.

For our loved ones, their earthy journey has finally come to an end.

Their journey is finished and they will no longer need their personal body to evolve.

It is as their soul escape their bodies, much like a butterfly flies free from its cocoon.

Sadly we will forever miss each one of them.

Yet we are the ones left behind.

We are the ones that despair at our being in a state of exile from our celestial home.

Though my loved ones death's were of a violent transgression - in death they are forever liberated.

Their lives on their earthly plane is complete.

They are no longer the guardians of this crazed, violent world.

Their stint is over, they return cleansed and purified to the heaven that welcomes them.

Death is not the end - but the beginning of an eternal life.

It is ignorance of this fact that is certain to create fear in the souls of the sicarios who cruelly ended the lives of beloved Roberto and Rodolfo.

To them I say your journies will end one day as violent as the violence that you've sewn.

For each one of the cowardly, demonic, drug addicted vile and crazed murderers I assure you that there will also be a place awaiting you...

A much different place...

Yet for our loved ones, its not the end.

Each day we celebrate their lives and know that they've reached their eternal bliss.

Make it a great dia!

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