Hold steadfast to your dreams.

I love to lay my head down at night, thank the day behinde me and relax by reading out of two or three books.

Then I get to my next favorite oart, dreaming.

We all have dreams.

We also tend to intertwine our daily acitvities with our dreams and  aspirations.

As we go to bed, we are thinking about these very goals and dreams.

Althought the difference between thinking and dreaming about them and actually reaching them... happen only during our waking hours. 

We have to hold steadfast to our vision, as the sun rises.

We have to work hard throughout our day making each step count.

If we can continously do that, then we will be the few that can one day lay claim to achieving our victories.

Try and keep from getting side tracked or even discouraged.

But if you "will" your heart and show "courage" to continue, just taking even the smallest of steps will get you that much closer to your goal.

Aspirations after all are just ideas and wishful thinking, until you get serious about achieving them. 

It's never too late -  let's get moving in the direction of the LIFE you want to LIVE.

The one meant for YOU! 


Make it a great dia!

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